FritzBox Removal of branding How to do it

The majority of suppliers have an “Branding” on the FritzBox. Find out how you can remove this as well as all the functions that the FritzBox can be used.

The preparation process: Windows a fixed IP to assign

By Branding through Branding, you are able to access the functions of FritzBox that switches the Internet service provider on your behalf. The majority of Internet service providers will not allow users from removing the terms and Conditions of Branding. If this happens you won’t receive updates, and you will have to pay a cost or purchase a new device. In most cases the procedure isn’t recognized, but it is done so in a manner that is not to cause annoyance to users.

  1. Before starting to begin, you need to launch it on your computer and then click on it will appear in the ” system control”.
  2. Click here and then go to”the “network and sharing center”.
  3. You can change this setting by clicking “change adapter settings” and switch on your LAN adapter by right-clicking. Select “properties”.
  4. In the section titled “Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4)” after which click to “properties” and select “use the Following IP address”.
  5. Input the number “”.
  6. Save these changes and continue with the steps listed below.

Branding is a problem in the FritzBox to get rid of Branding in the FritzBox to remove

By following the steps below You have removed the brand name of the FritzBox swiftly:

  1. Remove the box from the mains power supply and then open on your computer the start menu along with the entry asking.
  2. Type in the commands “FTP”, however you should not hit “Enter”.
  3. Attach the FritzBox with the Power supply and keep it on until the Power LED blinks.
  4. Then switch over to the Run window, and confirm the entry with [EnterEnter].
  5. An additional window should appear in which you’ll be asked to sign in as the username of a user. Enter “adam2”. The password is “adam2”. Enter [Enter] to confirm.
  6. You should wait until the command has been fully charged and you’ve received an answer. This could be around “230 User adam2 successfully logged in”.
  7. If you notice any changes in the System Changes in the System “debug bin” and confirm by pressing [Enterto confirm.
  8. To get rid of the branding of the router to remove the brand name, enter “quote SETENV firmware_version avm”. Enter the [Enter] key in order to verify this action.
  9. If none of this works then type the following commands consecutively: “qoute GETENV provider”, “quote UNSETENV provider”, “quote SETENV firmware_version avm”, “quote reboot”.
  10. Once you’ve executed the instructions successfully, you are able to quit the Tool by pressing “bye” and press the [EnterAfter you have completed the commands, press [Enter].
  11. The first System on the FritzBox to download, you will need to lastly, set to reset the FritzBox to default settings..
  12. The Branding should still be available, so try using the Router Reset again.