The price of Bitcoin: Did we get the $10,000 back?

It’s been 4 days since Halving, and the price of Bitcoin is still struggling to conquer the precious $10,000 barrier. Can you conquer it in the short term? That will be the subject of my analysis today.

Bitcoin price chart for the last few hours

Yesterday we said: „Upward possibility for the next hours: +60% | -40% … On the other hand, other indicators, we have detected some depletion or outflow of money (or low projection of money flow from the whales, is an indicator that we handle as a test) that gives us notice that the $ 10,000, to return to that level, would be insurmountable for today and … For now.

And we see in the 1 Day chart that as the hours went by, the exhaustion was there. He never touched the 10K again, as we also warned.
This morning, Spanish time, significant drops… More bounce and little more. And as we continue at 1:35 pm Spanish time, time to do this article.

The price of Bitcoin: do we recover the $10,000?

We go to our analysis, and we see it…

Still in a short term uptrend, but a close call. We can see the inverted elbow that made the Bitcoin Capital, Bitcoin Loophole, Bitcoin Rush, Crypto Investor, Bitcoin Code fall in the early morning hours (first chart) and a little more: parallel lines = Lateral Bandzo.

Fearful Indecision for the Rises at this time.

Our CryptoTrend Indicator in INTRADY:

Upward possibility for the next few hours: +52% | -48% … Possible lateral with buy-busts but… We don’t have much faith in the upside, broadly speaking or we hope so for the next few hours.

So we answer our headline: NO … For today. It shouldn’t exceed $10,000 per Bitcoin; and maybe it won’t get too close either.

We are still in an uptrend for the medium term. He reversed the downward trend two days ago and maintains his buying intention. But so far, today, it doesn’t seem to be having any effect. Let’s hope it doesn’t turn around and go into a downtrend… We think it shouldn’t.

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